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We will be announcing new projects in 2018

The Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts has had time to reflect on the way our programming is delivered, to consider the programs that are offered in the downtown eastside and how we can have more of an impact on the community and the people that we serve.

Each program will start with a snack and some physical movement, followed by the workshop and then will close with some quiet time, meditation or alternative.

For 2017 programming, the Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts programs focused on:                                                                                                        

• seniors

• children and families

• the DEERS program (Downtown Eastside Elders Resource          Sanctuary)

• the downtown eastside community in general                                                                                                 

Led by professionals, each of the workshops will be goal-orientated in the hopes of inspiring and motivating new-to-workshop participants.

We have had wonderful success with this platform in the past and plan on utilizing this methodology in our future programs.

In addition DECA will presenting special events, exhibits and concerts. 


PROGRAMS for 2018


PROGRAMS for the Community 

     • Fabric Arts

     • Women's Drumming


More details coming soon...

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