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InterUrban Gallery, 1 E. Hastings

Images and Reflections: Pigeon Park Proud is an exhibition of photo-portraits, art and photo-documentation that celebrates the people of the historic Pigeon Park and the community of the Downtown Eastside.


Since August 2015, Vancouver Moving Theatre in partnership with Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts and in cooperation with Portland Hotel Society/Culture Saves Lives, has produced arts and culture activity every Sunday in Pigeon Park alongside the DTES Street Market. These free activities included poetry and music presentations; workshops in beading, drawing, graffiti art, jewelry making; take-home illustrated portraits with Felicity Don; and local photographer Tom Quirk taking to date over 300 take-home portraits of local people.

Through art, the photographic eyes of Tom Quirk and Anthony Zdansky, and the reflections of DTES residents on the phrase “An elder once told me…” we connect with the diversity and exceptional sense of strength, power and support that makes this community special. Presented by Vancouver Moving Theatre/Heart of the City Festival in partnership with Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts, and in cooperation with Portland Hotel Society and Culture Saves Lives.

Tom Quirk, photos

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